mercredi 1 décembre 2010

Fr♥m L♥nd♥n with l♥ve

When you are in town, wearing some kind of uniform is helpful, policeman, priest, etc.
Driving a tank is very impressive, or a car with official lettering on the side. If that isn't to your taste you could join the revolution, wear an armband, carry a homemade flag tied to a broom handle, or a placard bearing an incendiary slogan.
At the very least you should wear a suit and carry a briefcase and a cell phone, or wear a team jacket and a baseball cap and carry a cell phone. If you go into the woods, the back country, someplace past all human habitation, it is a good idea to wear orange and carry a gun or, depending on the season, carry a fishing pole, or a camera with a big lens.
Otherwise it might appear that you have no idea what you are doing, that you are merely wandering the earth, no particular reason for being here, no particular place to go.

(Louis Jenkins, "The Back Country")

Comité de visionnage : Mark Rylance aux Tony Awards 2008.

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J.P. VDA. (P.C.M.F.) a dit…

I didn't know Village People was a British band!?

Mademoiselle Catherine a dit…

I guess they run this club now (beware: it's absolutely not safe for work ^-^)

Et j'ai ajouté le génial speech du non moins génial Mark Rylance afin que le comité de visionnage ne passe pas à la trappe :)

Wakajawaka a dit…

NSFW at all darling !
It's so rude it makes my eyes break x_x'

Think those guys definitly fell into self parodic S&M or else... do they realy feel sexy like that *eeeeerrrrrk !* ?

Frank Furter, please, come and save me !

Isn't he sexy ?

Mademoiselle Catherine a dit…

Thank God, Frank'N'Furter has nothing in common with Village People: he's a genuine dandy!

Wakajawaka a dit…

Sure he is ! :P

Hathi a dit…

Not a bad idea leaving Liège to go to London: it was hell on earth yesterday, 45 mins from Plan Incliné to Burenville, 2.5 hours from Namur to home, no buses before 10 am...

Enjoy the Londonian snow! Hope you won't be blocked over there - or hope you will ;-) ?

Mademoiselle Catherine a dit…

It's total chaos in Britain as well, you know, except the English are being, as always, very phlegmatic about it ^-^

As a "tourist" (or "guest", as my friend Charlie would say), I kind of enjoy the whole mess since it leaves a lot of space to improvisation.
As to catch my Eurostar on sunday, well... wait and see :)

Hortense a dit…

Ouch... ça parle chinois... vais faire un tour ailleurs voir si on m'y trouve ! ^_^

Wakajawaka a dit…

En cette saison ce serait plus logique de parler mandarine que chinois :P

(Quoiqu'un vrai chinois plein de bonne crème pâtissière tout de suite...hum... reprenons nous !)

Maylala a dit…

A Londres? Pas de chinois à la crème, mais je recommande (le concept de "température" y ayant de toute façon peu de place) une glace de chez les types à vache, une Cookie Dough, tiens!
And a cell phone.

Bon demain!

Mademoiselle Catherine a dit…

Thank God, il restait du Cookie Dough au freezer à mon retour... de quoi adoucir mon spleen post-anglais!

Comme d'habitude, il va me falloir du temps pour m'en remettre :(